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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

"I was in love, too. In love in an utterly mundane way."

I was reading one of my favourite chapters from Bushnell's, "Sex and the City", just recently and wanted to inject some dating honesty into your day with some of my favourite excerpts from the chapter:

"Like most men he made up his mind about a woman right away. Put her in a category - one-night stand, potential girlfriend, hot two-week fling. Libby was definitely a one-night stand. She wasn't pretty enough to date, to be seen in public with."

"He met all her friends, but wouldn't introduce her to his. He never spent a whole weekend with her - or even a whole day. They never went to a party together. "I didn't want her to get the wrong idea". 

"They went back to her place and had sex. 'It was great,' Stephen said. 'I performed, on an objective basis, better than I had with other women. I was going back for seconds and thirds. I was giving her the forty-five-minute fuck.' The 'relationship' progressed further from there. They would watch TV in bed and then have sex with the TV on. 'A pretty woman would never let you have the TV on during sex,' Stephen said. 'But it's relaxing somehow, with the TV on. You're not the focus. Women like Ellen allow you to be yourself."

"She was funny. A real firecracker, a wiseacre. I could go out with her and shoot the shit like a guy. She could talk about movies, Letterman, she knew TV - and most women don't understand TV. If you try to talk about TV with a pretty girl, her eyes glaze over."

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