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Friday, 3 December 2010

Humanity Annoys Me - Week Ending 19/11/10

I'm in one of my black moods today. This doesn't mean I'm harbouring suicidal thoughts, I simply feel varying degrees of annoyance at what humanity is doing and/or saying.


Bullet points are the order of the day.
  • I don't understand why people direct questions about a general topic, to which they want a specific answer to via social networking. They could just as easily Google what they're trying to find the answer to, instead of waiting for a reply. While I concede that neither source is particularly credible, I'd choose Google over any of my acquaintances' so-called knowledge. I'm sorry, but it's true. 
  • I have a hard time looking at sentences that read like, "your pritty cute to", which is what I was met with this morning in my online dating inbox. I don't realistically think I'm going to meet anyone online with whom I would start a relationship with, but I enjoy conversing with people and this saddened me. (And anyone who attempts to judge me based on this confession should take a long hard look at themselves. How do you meet people? Spending too much money on Vodka and throwing it up all over them/yourself? Yes, thought so).
  • Vegetarians are offending me, (as usual), with their self-satisfied fan pages they persistently affiliate themselves with. I encountered one which instructs people on how to become more environmentally-friendly. Here's a thought, that electricity you're using to assert your smugness to everyone else in the developed world has contributed to your carbon footprint. Why don't you stop using electricity altogether? Stop being so selfish. And while you're at it, stop using public services/transport, your own transport, living in buildings, eating and drinking, wearing clothes and doing anything which involves using gas, oil or coal. At least then you'd have made a start.
Also, I'm aware people are often annoyed by me. And I'm glad. Because the amount of contempt I have for most people doesn't feel quite so acute, when I realise that I impact just as negatively on their day as they do on mine.