Provocative opinions aired on the clothes line of life.

About Samantha

If you're looking for used underwear I'm afraid Google has been misinformed. Please don't be embarrassed, I'm very glad of the traffic. Alas, the only person who reuses my underwear is Samantha Ellis. 

Who is Samantha Ellis? 

I am a human woman and I've been documenting my internal monologue on this blog for 6 years.

Why 'Dirty Knickers'?

It's my way of saying that I share my opinions unashamedly and my blog is where I air them in public. The popular misconception is that everything I write is about sex, but it isn't. 

So, what is this blog about?

I describe myself as a dating blogger's blogger. While my writing does focus on relationships, I also cover a wide range of lifestyle topics. 

I'm particularly interested in online culture like Twitter etiquette  and social observations, such as attitudes which are annoying and music snobbery

Occasionally you will find me telling people what to do: the sheer pointlessness of New Year resolutions and warning people about what not to do: if you're happy and you know it

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Photos by Martyn Kelly