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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Modern Romance

Now this is what I enjoy. Being laid siege to. The modern interpretation of courtly romance personified.

However if online dating has taught me anything, quantity is certainly not proportionate to quality. And by no means am I being derogatory towards the person but more how they've chosen to portray themselves.

Here's a quick check list of things I've encountered this morning which you should avoid doing in order to motivate a woman to reply:

Don't have a default photo of you with a drag Queen.

Don't be ambiguous and state that you're looking for 'anything'.

Don't have photos of your children on a dating profile.
(Unless of course they're your hobby).

Don't lie about your age.
(Or if you do make sure the date of birth correlates with the age you've specified in your bio. Though why you'd lie about being 25 when you're only 27 is a mystery).

Don't contact a woman if you rejected her when she was 15 for not having sex with you.

And even if you ignore everything else on this list, please don't write this:

"iam funny, horny and always up for anythin including a laugh .im polite and understanding also."

I haven't got time to go into why because my alarm/pill reminder app is alerting me that I must get ready for work. However I must hasten to add that the lack of grammar was copied word for word. And yes it's painful to even have it on my blog.