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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Public Display of Awareness

I’ve always felt that outward shows of affection and ostentatious ‘romantic’ gestures have nothing to do with the intended recipient and everything to do with the other people viewing it.

Maybe I’m just being cynical. But then, what’s so wrong with being cynical about behaviour which to me is very suspicious? In fact, I don’t even believe in cynical, I believe in realism. I like to think I see things for what they are. Maybe not always straight away, but in the end I can be very clear on what something is and more importantly what it isn’t.

Outlandish public gestures are just an example of erratic behaviour fueled by a guilty conscience. The over indulgent flower arrangement sent to your office or the million kisses at the end of a Facebook wall post with one of those annoying heart symbols thrown in for good measure, is their way of trying to prove to everyone else that their indiscretions against the relationship are false rumours.

But, why else would they be lovingly exchanging sweet nothings so publicly if things weren’t all rosy? Because they’re not. And they know it. Guilty parties always return to the scene of the crime. And in this case the scene is the public sphere. Trying to convince everyone of your innocence is just another reason why you’re guilty. People don’t waste time defending themselves against accusations they know are false. But if there’s a shred of truth in there, it’ll be all they talk about in an attempt to eradicate any possible doubt.

I like to keep my romance behind closed doors. Partly because I don’t want people to know I’m human and actually enjoy that kind of thing. But mostly because what makes it special is the privacy. Surrounding yourself with little nostalgic nuances which only the two of you understand and appreciate is the test of true romance.
You don’t invite other people into your bed, (I should hope), so why put on a show in all other aspects of your relationship? If you do feel the need to do this, then I would question your motives. Are you most happy by doing the things you do in your relationship? Or are you happier with other people seeing the things you do in your relationship? It’s an honest question. And if you get offended by it, I can only assume your answer is the latter.