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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Your new year resolutions are so last year

Put the past into perspective in 2013

Throughout the course of the year, the collective consciousness is never at its most predictable and monotonous than during the month of January. Frenzied waves of new year declarations to look better, feel better and generally just be better sweep across cyberspace. All racing to crash and break upon the perceptions of others, before finally coming to settle upon the shores of vanity. Public resolutions aren't about personal growth.They're about ensuring the healthier, more cultured and better intentions which you're not going to stick to this year are acknowledged by people you don't particularly like or spend any time with. 

Talking about your gym membership in a Facebook status is more convenient than actually going. Taking retro snaps of your organic breakfast on Instagram is far more rewarding than simply eating it. Typing lies into your bio on is much easier than acknowledging that you're helping people purely to strengthen your C.V. This year, instead of focusing on the superficial aspects of improvement everyone could benefit from being a little bit more honest with themselves and just focus on doing what they enjoy. It's one thing to challenge yourself but it's quite another to spend time pesudo-challenging yourself just to impress other people. 

Being happy with yourself is better than being your desired weight. Being happy is better than being in a bad relationship. Being happy is better than than being in a perpetual state of personal scrutiny. Sure it looks obvious when it's written down, but it's not so obvious when attempting a fresh start. Stringent lists about an exercise regime and the correct diet isn't about achieving happiness, it's only resetting dissatisfaction. True healthiness is assessing your insecurities and admitting why you're comparing yourself to other people. Going public with your resolutions should make you notice a difference in yourself instead of relying on other people to notice it.

If you're having difficulty wondering what it is that makes you happy, look to where your mind wanders when you're daydreaming. It could be a person, a place or an idea but what's important is what you feel. It'll provide perspective on the two big Es of life: what you should eradicate and what you should encourage. So for the sake of being predictable, here's what people should do more and less of in 2013 according to me:

Do have seconds, have more sex, go for walks, look people in the eye when you talk to them, have conviction with what you say, meet up with old friends, spend less time getting ready to leave the house, let your guard down, listen to someone, play songs because you like them, be uncouth, be bold, make opportunities, accept rejection, cry, smile, frown, laugh unabashedly and be unashamed.

Don't weigh yourself, look down when you're walking, dwell on past indiscretions, cringe when other people are happy, pretend to laugh, feign enjoyment, feign pleasure, suffer in silence, waste time envying. 

Because if you're not enjoying yourself there's just no point. Add a brand new year onto 2012 instead of becoming the same version just older.

“But those who seek only reassurance from life will never be more than tourists—seeing everything and trying to possess what can only be felt. Beauty is the shadow of imperfection.”