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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fly Me To The Moon

Apparently Facebook is unveiling a revolutionary messaging service which is better than e-mail. I've read several articles from various news sources and a few opinion pieces about this new development, but am no closer to discovering just what on earth any of it even means. Couldn't these tech whizzes be inventing more constructive things which people actually want, instead of boxing us further into a social networking corner which we'll never leave?

Such as making broadband faster, so that videos don't take an insubordinate amount of time to buffer. That's what people really want. Or maybe put some pressure on Megavideo to extend the allocated 72 minutes of free streaming time to encompass the length of an actual film. What do you mean I need to wait a 54 minute period to watch the end of it? Why? That's insane. What am I going to do until then? I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to go Google the ending. Find the bit of the plot I was at on Wikipedia and READ the ending courtesy of user updated spoilers. "Screw you Megavideo", to quote a popular Facebook fan page.

Also, every futuristic Sci-Fi film I've ever seen have depicted airbourne automobiles. It's nearly 2011, I don't want a unified messaging service, I want flying cars. I don't necessarily need to own one myself, (I'm not even licensed to drive one on the ground), however just knowing that they're in existence and available on some kind of extortionate finance agreement would be far more newsworthy than all my online messages being in one convenient place. People don't even send me any messages. People do however like to take me places in cars. So, go touch a monolith and make it happen.